On Sewing Undergarments


Even if adverse conditions prohibit the servant of Beauty to wear clothes she instinctively finds right, good and proper, she can express her ideals in her underclothes. These are one of the most satisfying things to sew, since they can (and should!) be created according to one’s own aesthetics. At this very moment, I’m sewing a set of chemise and drawers from the finest silk chiffon in a colour of blueberry souffle. These lovely intimacies will, when completed, float around the body like delicately shaded clouds at dawn. Whatever is worn on top of them, will on an unconscious level be imbued with their charm.

As with all sewing, proper and neat construction is essential. With the knowledge of the plain stitches gained either in the elementary school or a sewing class, it is possible for you to begin the making of undergarments. These may be made by hand, by machine, or by a combination of both processes. There is an indefinable charm about handmade lingerie, but very dainty and beautiful garments can also be made by machine. Some of the old time drudgery of hand sewing disappeared with the introduction of the sewing machine, but there are many things that affect the general appearance and finish of the garment which the machine cannot do. It is useful to know well both methods. Very often it is possible to use the machine for the long seams of nightgowns, chemise, or drawers, and have the trimming and finishing done by hand. Saving of time is a great factor for those not leading a life of leisure, and should receive consideration in the planning of garments.

Whether one should buy or make undergarments will depend on how much leisure time one has or on how well one organizes the use of time. Very busy mothers or businesswomen may decide that their time is not spent in the smartest way in stitching fine seams. In planning to make undergarments one should first decide how much time there is at disposal for construction. Can one afford to put dainty hand sewing on everyday garments, and will handwork stand the wear and tear of constant use? The plain stitches learned in the elementary school will all be of use in construction, and the decorative stitches described under embroidery are of value for ornamentation and individualizing the garments with your initials. Machine sewing will not be found difficult if the machine is studied carefully and some time is spent in practice until neat, even stitching is obtained.


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