On Embroidery

Embroidery is the enriching of textile fabrics and other materials with needlework. The art is an old one, and decorative needlework goes back thousands of years – perhaps or even probably farther in time than so-called practical sewing.


Embroidered collar elevates this ensemble from fine to outstanding.

All girls have interest at some time or other in embroidery. It is a satisfaction and a pleasure to be able to ornament one’s gowns in a simple way, to make some household article more attractive, or to prepare simple gifts for friends. There are a few of the most common stitches which if learned in relation to proper placing, color, combination of stitches, and adaptation to material produce very pleasing results. It is wise to learn early to exercise care in handling materials during the construction of garments. A dainty, light touch, care in holding and folding, affect the dainty appearance, as well as the neatness of the sewing and finishing. After mastering the basic stitches, the eager student of the needle arts has opened a gate to a lovely garden, where is always something charming to be found. It is interesting also to study in museums and books the relationship of the embroidery of to-day to the beautiful embroidered textiles of other centuries and embroideries from foreign lands. Needle-work in all its forms of use, elegance and ornament has ever been the appropriate occupation of a fine woman.


Embroidery on tulle

There is a suitable type of embroidery for every moment of the day and every occasion. A discreet monogram on a blouse is permitted even with the strictest suit. A domestic apron benefits from the gay touch of colorful cross stitch (taking into account the ease of washing – yarn dyes should be wash-proof and embroidery stitches short and secure). Underwear, from the most practical to the most delicate, benefits from a little touch of the embroidering needle. Spring and summer dresses are never lovelier than when decorated with embroidered flower buds and blossoms. The most luxurious cocktail dresses and evening outfits can be embroidered all over, and doesn’t every stitch add to the glamour and shimmering beauty demanded by the occasion?



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