On Your Spring Wardrobe

reformdressAs the summer light shines upon the land, the natural and fitting desire to be clothed in fresh outfits in harmony with the fresh leaves and blossoming flowers may cause a few headaches to the lady of rather small means. The most satisfactory way to go about clothing business in the spring is of course to book an appointment with your favorite seamstress, sit down with her and a pile of up-to-date fashion periodicals, then draw a plan of three or four outfits for all your personal needs, and choose from a multitude of fabrics in endless enticing hues to complement your looks in the most enchanting way. But if even one new outfit is a serious financial investment, and better delayed until wear and tear decrees it an absolute necessity, there are still ways to bring a touch of the blossoming season to your garderobe. I will for now pass over the possibility of creating some of the desired clothes by your own industrious hand from scratch, as it has been briefly discussed before, and will be discussed in-depth later.
First of all, take stock of what you have. Lay your clothes where you can see them, on a bed for example. Lay to one side the wintry garments you will not wear for spring and summer. They must be aired, thoroughly brushed and any little faults repaired before putting away. It is, undeniably, more exciting to focus on the light, bright, lovely clothes of the coming season, but do not on any account skip over this very necessary step of putting winter clothes away properly. It will save you not only a lot of worry, when the weather begins again to cool –even if we rather like to think this spring will last forever and ever–, but also a remarkable amount of money in the long run.

spring-accessoriesNow, turn your attention to the clothes which are appropriate for the current season. Decide, which ones are passable in their current state, and which require repair or would benefit from some form of remodeling. Replacing worn ribbons, drooping bows and faded flowers with fresh ones is well worth the trouble and expense. See if you can’t by your own ingeniousness transform some dress rather tired in its current incarnation into something newly exciting by shortening or lengthening it to conform to the current mode, perhaps cutting off worn sleeves and turning it into a sun-dress (keep the remnants, as they will surely be useful if not now, then later). Then figure out what new addition would best serve the whole of the garderobe. Give most careful attention to your extremities. The genius of fashion’s greatest geniuses counts for naught, if gloves are spotty, shoes carelessly shined, and hat dusty. New gloves, a fresh scarf (which you can easily hem yourself from whatever pretty piece of silk you have at hand) and perhaps a fresh silk-flower pinned to your lapel require but a very modest outlay of finances and yet give you the springy step and glowing sense of well-being which so pleasantly complement the clear skies and general feeling of renewal in this season.


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