On Beautiful Universe

elegant-ladiesThe cynicism one is forced to endure when interacting with present society can be troubling to gentle souls. But please do not fall into despair. Even if in the rush of our time we are trampling sweet emotions and true passion for Beauty under foot, it does not mean this is the correct, or natural, or healthy attitude to life. The experience of the beauty of existence is a constant underlying reality, not a temporary warp in our usually selfish and cynical feelings. The whole cosmos seems to find it worthwhile to shape itself into shapes which are pleasurable to the human observing eye. The laws governing matter and energy encourage bits aimlessly floating in the vastness of space to connect with each other, random elements self-organize and form planets, stars, galaxies, and importantly for us, life. If universe were really a completely senseless place, and beauty a mere accidental by-product of human psychology, then why the whole system of natural laws geared towards encouraging ever finer and subtler and more complex structures?
Irony is like salt – tasty in little doses, fatal in large ones, and some with particularly delicate constitution should avoid it altogether. Cynicism is more like cyanide – it’s a poison of the mind. Pure Beauty is an antidote against it. Uplift yourself and inspire other people by creating Beauty! Celebrate the beautiful Universe we inhabit every day!


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