On Fragrances

powder parfum

Perfumes are so exquisite in their luxuriousness, so refined in their sweetness, as to arouse our gentlest and most artistic passions. They have value, too, in that they are soothing and refreshing. But they have a place, a mission. They are too delicate, too rare, to be abused, for perfume, you know, is made from the most delicately scented flowers, the choicest blossoms that grow, and should be used as so many drops of condensed beauty. Perfume has been called “the invisible jewelry”, and all the rules of good taste concerning jewelry can be extended to the use of perfumes. Daytime requires restraint, but as the day progresses towards evening, the appropriate level of opulence increases, until the full evening dress blooms, which sustains the most luxurious and glittering jewels and the most heady and exotic perfumes. Delicately scented talcum powder can be used even by the most discriminating woman from earliest morning. In daytime those concerned with propriety and elegance never use fragrances conspicuously. A gentle touch of fragrance can be infused in your most intimate clothes by keeping them in boxes lined with perfumed paper or sachets of aromatic herbs and dried rose petals scattered among them.
You should have a delicate aura of pleasant fragrance around yourself, so that people coming near you enter an atmosphere peculiar only to you, without actually being aware of any particular smell. But your home, and most of all your boudoir, you are free to scent as lavishly as you please.


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