On Hats

hat-pairWe, who appreciate Beauty as well as Propriety recognize the prime importance of headwear in our daily life, as signal of civility and as a manifestation of our feminine souls almost as a halo on top of our heads. But do we realize fully the value of the right hat – the individual hat, the hat that makes a background for our eyes, our face, our hair? We must expect a great deal from our hats. They must make a frame for the face. The kindliness and good cheer, the spirit of life that our faces express for us must have a fitting background. If we are not in our homes, then our hats must be intimate enough to make a desirable background. Remember that much of the smartness of your costume depends on your hat. You should give it great consideration and be sure that it is right for you in every particular.
The hat is important because it completes the costume. It unifies the other items worn. It can also provide a lovely frame for the face and add a flattering touch to the facial features. Almost every irregularity of face may be concealed by a judicious use and arrangement of hair and complementary hat, and even the slightest advantageous facial feature emphasized. If the facial shape is exaggerated, it is wise to avoid the same shape in headwear. Markedly round face becomes almost comical when surrounded by a round hat. But completely opposite shape should be avoided as well – the round-faced lady should not choose hat on sharply square lines either. Intermediate shapes are most advantageous.

hat-blueMuch of the effectiveness of a certain hat depends on the colour. If you fall in love with a particular hat in an interesting shade of colour, do not make the mistake of ordering it in black “which goes so well with everything” and is supposedly so practical. Most probably the effect is lost, and black hat is not so very practical after all. Especially in bright spring sunshine every tiny dust mote is apt to show on it, and it requires quite a bit of diligence (and a travel-size hat brush in your handbag) to keep it presentable at all times.


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