On Spring Hats

springhat1This new year has not lasted even a month so far, and the ground is covered by frost but already my mind wanders towards longer days, sweet birdsong and soft green of fresh leaves – in short, I’m thinking about spring. And especially, spring fashions. Is it the minute lengthening of the day, or merely my impatient nature, I can not say, but I the need for a new spring hat became imperative. But luckily there’s nothing as simultaneously frivolous and sensible as a new spring hat, since this one item will allow the dress from last year and the suit from who knows how many years hence blossom into new life, like the gnarled branches of a cherry tree into a foam of pink and white petals. Were someone to offer me a new dress to wear with my last year’s hat, in exchange for a new hat to wear with last year’s dress, I would find this a sorry bargain. A hat is usually the accessory that gives a finished touch to a smart appearance, and the vehicle which carries our most feminine feelings, and the spring hat, ah!, the lovely spring hat! moreso than all other hats combined.

The spring hat is a special creation among all the myriad wonders millinery has to offer, since it’s a tangible symbol of the coming season of new life and sunshine. Perhaps it does not hold such a place in hearts of women residing in climates where winter is less harsh, but where I write the importance of the spring hat cannot be over-emphasized. It is like a beacon of hope for those trudging through the long, dark winter (I admit that there are many positive things about the cold season, but at some point they are exhausted and one just wishes for spring to arrive). Later, when the long-awaited spring is much nearer, it is time to have a serious and calculating think about one’s spring wardrobe, and to augment it with new purchases – at the very least a pair of fresh gloves and a silk scarf in a pretty colour – but for now, a piece of lovely, frivolous, utterly enchanting millinery is de rigueur to put on one’s head as soon as the palest ray of sun appears.
My dear milliner is at this very moment concocting something from light grey felt, a tuft of veiling and some gentle flowers which hint of the coming splendors of Nature. The mere thought of this creation is so delightful that it almost makes one burst into a song! I can only bear my winter hat only with the thought of the prettiness soon to come. This delightful anticipation is one of the charms of the new hat, and does more to boost the mood and morale of a woman than any extravagance ten times more costly.


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