On Clothes-Thinking

wardrobeIndefiniteness in regards to the use, effect, probable background and intention of the costume is the root cause of lack of chic. Never be vague as to the parts of any of your costumes. Thinking “probably I have a hat to go with this suit” or “surely I will find a pair of clean gloves somewhere in my wardrobe” are a recipe for disaster. It is a cold, hard fact that you will need certain clothes, and a hat to go with them, and shoes, and handbag, and gloves in harmony with the costume and the hour of the day it is to be worn, and stockings to which the same demands apply, and if the costume calls for a scarf or a flower or a brooch that too must be considered clearly and with the whole picture in mind, not hastily added as an afterthought. It is a constant wonder that women appear to endow their wardrobes with magical powers to spit out perfect ensembles, when the necessary ingredients have not been inserted in said wardrobe.

There is, of course, a definite magic surrounding clothes and dressing – the difference between the same woman badly dressed and  well dressed is as if a fairy godmother had waved her wand and turned a frog into a princess – but it will not mystically clean soiled gloves, create a pleasing unity of matching ensemble from clothes each in different colour and print, or make veiled and beribboned afternoon hat suitable for morning, as one might desperately hope when fallen in love with an outrageously expensive creation of fancy millinery at the expense of the more somber but necessary head-coverings. But none of the faults in dressing are beyond your scope to overcome, as you logically and with all the clarity you possess out your mind to the task of dressing properly and prettily. You too, dear reader, as everyone else, must begin all wardrobe considerations with the facts clearly organized in your mind: your social surroundings which decree the type of clothes you need, your type which is the basis for decisions about lines, colour, texture, and details, and your finances, which above all decree the pace in which you can add new things to your wardrobe. When the groundwork of proper clothes is in place, and you have taken to the habit of always cleaning and repairing your clothes before putting them away, you’ll discover that the seemingly elusive magic of the inexhaustible wardrobe is in fact in your own command.


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