On Collars

2-collarsSymmetrical and asymmetrical collar, both equally stylish and in harmony with the dress.

While I do not take the strictest stance, viz. that “The absence of a collar will impart a cast of vulgarity to the finest face” as Miss Leslie writes, nonetheless I do admire the collar for its benefits for elegance and the composition of a beautiful costume and am drawn to recommend it over a collarless ensemble in most cases. A finely-proportioned collar does add immensely to the total chic of an ensemble and helps balance unfavorable dimensions in face and body. A collarless ensemble requires quite a lot of ingenuity from the wearer, as it usually demands a little scarf or a brooch or necklace to soften the severe effect, not to mention it is flattering only to a perfectly formed neck. Whereas a collar creates a smooth transition from the garment to the face and imparts grace and softness if they be lacking.


Naturally the shape and size of collar requires careful consideration, but as this is the case with anything we wear on our bodies and allow to enter our homes, it certainly is not a special demand of collars. To abandon collars just because one has not found one perfectly suited to one’s particular features is a foolish thing to do, as there certainly is another type which is perfect for the face and type in question. There are literally thousands of variations of collars, which can be adapted to your personal look, from tiniest frills to magnificent collars extending over the shoulders.
lace-sollarsA line of spotless white at the throat gives instantly an air of ladylike elegance in case of a delicate silk or translucent lawn, or efficiency in case of good linen batiste, or refined opulence in case of lace. It is indeed close to a miracle what this little sliver of white will do even to the most basic and even somber outfit. But white collars must be absolutely neat and clean, preferably washed after every wear – at least collars which are worn close to the neck and which get soiled easily. Berthas of delicate lace need not be laundered after every wear! Detachable collars, which can be either sewn on, or even more conveniently attached with snap fasteners, are very hygienic. The lace collar is an indispensable item of dress for anyone who appreciates beauty and finer things in life, it will instantly give a festive air to a basic dress. Decorativeness and beauty of lace is wonderfully displayed in large fichu collars, but there is definite charm in smaller, neat lace collars as well. Crafting a lace collar is a great exercise in decorative needlework, and a chance to present your skill in inventing a pleasing design.


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