On Decoration in Dress

jacket-ensembleServants of beauty embrace the activity of dressing themselves with a sense of interest and commitment. The action of choosing and putting on apparel emanates from their true sense of self, their authentic core of being. In contrast, those led by the conventions of our gloomy age, put on clothes but do not, in the strict sense of the word, dress themselves. What they wear correlates with the general feeling of meaninglessness, and these people can be described as alienated. When the dress is beautiful and in line with the wearer’s understanding of what is good, a full expression of her truest desires, interests and beliefs, the outer and inner being are in alignment.
Imbecility of ornament, trimming without reason, spoils an infinite number of costumes, but every bit of trimming that improves a costume fills a place that would be empty and charmless without it. The inspired woman may try to place a bow, attach a pretty collar or handsome cuffs, embroider initials on the breast pocket. In many instances these are but rude attempts, and yet they are not to be despised. Rude attempts always precede success, and sometimes inaugurate it. Welcome, then, every honest attempt at art of dress. Even an inexpertly placed ornament which however earnestly aims to beautify, should be esteemed higher than completely plain outfit, worn because of lack of interest and zest. This being the case, those who ignore decoration cast aside a source of refinement, and deprive themselves of what may induce their elevation in virtue and morals.


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