More on Lace

lace-blouseLace-making is the highest form of needlework, “the queen of all womanly accomplishments” as the German say. From the simplest coarse crochet to adorn the edges of a towel, to the most elegant accessories of needle lace which can supplant jewels, lace permeates the entirety of the feminine world. Lace is treasured for its decorative appearance, and its major function is to adorn. Any lace item should be given the care and respect it deserves. Each kind of lace has a history, which is dear to the heart of the devotee of fashion. Even the machine-made laces of finest description are truly the aristocrats of manufactured textile fabrics. No other cloth is so difficult to make yet so delicate, requires so much skill in manufacturing, or demands so much creative ability in designing. Everything about lace indicates special characteristics. Special yarns are made that have high strength but that are very fine; these are constructed into fabrics by a method peculiar only to lace. Constant attention is required to ensure the smooth working of the complex lace machines, and many highly skilled persons participate in the process from fibers to finished lace.
Although lacemaking is the most complicated of all textile-making processes, and the product consequently more expensive than perhaps anything else in the fabric shop (excepting true brocade made with golden yarns), a good lace is always a good investment since it will never go out of style. This naturally applies to good lace, artistically rendered patterns executed with care and precision from the finest yarns. Inferior lace is only good to be burnt.

Laces are beautiful, and if you wear them in the right place with the right effect, the will actually make a costume. But when yo wear them just because you possess them, without regard to place or costume, you err against one of the fine principles of dress and openly insult one of the most beautiful of our dress accessories. Nothing is more exquisitely feminine and attractive than delicate lace and dainty silk ribbon used in the right place and at the right time, but with a sporty tweed, or a simple cotton housedress, the same articles create an unacceptable disharmony. Find the proper lace for each costume and task, or go without – even the most ardent lover of lace must not mistreat her treasures.



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