On Silk Flowers

felt-flowers2 While real flowers are “living jewels” and the most beautiful thing one can imagine, but unfortunately wither all too soon pinned to a dress and so are not useful for day-to-day wear. Artificial flowers assist in bringing a touch of the beauty of nature to our outfits and on occasion can even surpass with magnificent and unusual effects what one could imagine to find in her garden or at the flower-stand. Many beautiful effects can be produced with artificial flowers, and such flowers are so simple and easy to make from bits of silk and ribbon, and frequently found at very reasonable prices at the second hand stores, that you may aim to possess a suitable bouquet for every gown or suit. Sometimes, one wee bud or blossom is all that is necessary to elevate a commonplace outfit to a special one.


√•Artificial flowers made of modern so-called “miracle fabrics” such as nylon or polyester are usually a bit lifeless and abruptly shaded. Real silk flowers are more delicately tinted and more soulful, and so much more satisfying. They are not easy to procure these days, if one would wish to possess a new silk flower and not vintage, but some makers still produce them traditionally by hand (for example severinalartigue.fr). Those skilled in needle arts can create artificial flowers from the tiniest fabric clippings, ribbon remainders and bits of felt, and combine elegance with economy in a most satisfying way.


Sprigs of tiny flowers like forget-me-nots are suited for the romantic and a bit fragile type of woman. Large, striking callas or stylized roses suit the woman with strong character and energetic ways. Daisies are for the happy and uncomplicated woman, whereas lilies exude mystery and are thus for the femme fatale type. Half-opened blossoms and simulated dew-drops underline youth. But these are only general guidelines and every woman must create her own special flower language which is in harmony with her character, type and life-style in general.

Besides flowers attached to belt or pinned to collar or bodice, the flowered hat must be given special consideration. There is hardly any other accessory so beloved of truly feminine persons and so bound to cheer up not only the wearer herself, but all who have the good luck to enjoy such a sight. From a simple self-fabric felt flower, to the large picture hat carrying on top of it an entire garden of colorful flowers, the hat and the flower find themselves in most happy union. Although the flowered hat is principally a spring and summer accessory, the stylish and refined woman may find an elegant way to add a floral touch to her millinery even in autumntime.


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