On Healing the Universe with Beauty

Disturbances with the lowliest and most ephemeral of origins have eventually disrupted the order of the world” muses a certain Debord of the Situationist group. While of course we are diametrically opposed regarding the desirability of disrupting the order of the world, I am otherwise bound to agree wholeheartedly with this line of thought. Now that the order of the world has been thoroughly disrupted, and the process of destruction has extended from the human social order to the natural world (Debord was even more right in his assumption than he could have imagined and perhaps even wished), it is of the utmost importance to try and reverse the situation. To secure the button that almost falls off, to put a scented and pressed handkerchief in the neat handbag, to brush the coat and shoes and hat (and not all with the same brush, as a very wise lady once remarked), and to apply pretty shade of lipstick is to in a modest and personal way to balance great destruction with small but true acts of maintenance and creation of beauty. We can not be sure, if this disastrous disturbance, caused by seemingly trivial things but with ever widening effects, is something that can be reversed with similar tactics. But we must try. If going hatless in the street and staging a ridiculous anti-art intervention can cause a hole in the fabric of social norms, which from that minute beginning continues to widen and threatens to rip the whole structure of Universe apart, then perhaps putting on fresh gloves and pinning a pretty silk flower on one’s suit lapel can begin to heal the wounds. If not, at least we’ll face the ultimate peril in elegance and dignity.


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