On Gestures and Poise

Not many women are naturally gifted with the graceful movements which ideally accompany the elegant clothes of a Beauty worshiper. Some form of dancing, preferably classical ballet, is recommended for acquiring a natural, erect posture, poise and beautiful movements of hands. Artificially exaggerated and studied gestures do suit some women whose type is ultra-refined and leans towards the femme fatale, but when this type of “dialect” is adopted, it must be adhered to consistently until it becomes a second nature. To occasionally mimic such gestures is only ridiculous. In most cases it is better to aim for naturalness and simplicity in posture and gestures. Naturalness – naturally – does not mean slumping posture, coarse dragging walk and collapsing heavily on chairs, or jerky movements when wielding eating utensils, these bad habits you must wean yourself of if you wish to do justice to your clothes and present an elegant picture to the world and yourself. Practice sitting down, walking up and down stairs and eating elegantly until the movements are embedded in your mind and do not require conscious attention. Even the most mundane daily tasks can give you a chance to practice beautiful movements. I am at this very moment writing with a book balanced on my head, to avoid slumping in an unsightly way in my chair. Sloppy posture is one of my personal bad habits, of which I am have decided to get rid of, to the benefit of both my health and my elegance.

As almost no-one these days has gracefulness training when it would be the most beneficial and effective, that is in teen-age, when the adult body is forming, it requires a lot of work and perseverance to become graceful. On the positive side, when you begin to wear beautiful and well-cut clothes, and correct underwear, they assist you in the proper movements. Clothes made from somewhat rigid fabric and perfectly fitted to your figure will gently remind you if your posture deteriorates, and you will without particular attention begin to walk in a more sophisticated manner in a neat skirt than in stretch-jersey pants. The clothes a woman wears mediate between her inner and outer self, and between herself and the outer world: the cut of clothes affects the position and movements of the body, the movements of the body affect the sense of self and how one understands her position in the world. What you wear is thus a very important decision, and deserves much thought.


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