On Gloves

The earliest whiffs of autumn can be detected in the air already (in the Northern Hemisphere). The approaching season delights me personally not just because of the gorgeous colours of leaves, the crisp mornings, abundance of harvest and other attractions of Nature. In addition to these charms, it is the season of “people not confused about someone wearing gloves”. At last, after summer’s continuous curious glances and unending questions, comes the peaceful season when a lady can wear her gloves without becoming an object of curiosity. I am ashamed to confess, but sometimes in summer I skip wearing gloves, just because I prefer not to feel like a spectacle. But autumn, oh the lovely season, allows one to wear gloves in perfect dignity.

Gloves, romantic, yet necessary articles of wear, like dainty handkerchiefs, bespeak the nicest niceties of the wearer. Gloves should be in accordance with the costume always, and – always clean and carefully fitted. If you don’t know your glove size, find it out immediately: twist a tape measure around your palm above the thumb. The measure in inches is your glove size (for example 7 and half inches around the palm means glove size of 7,5). A too tight glove is uncomfortable and apt to burst at seams in use, a too loose glove looks sloppy and ruins the lines of hands.

gloves2Gloves come in all kinds of materials and almost unlimited range of colours. For everyday wear, choose washable gloves in tones which match your suit or coat. These you should have several, so you can always put on a fresh pair which will always match your clothes. For special occasions and particular moods you can build a collection of what I like to call “gloves with personality”. They can be of a contrasting colour, or a distinctive material, or unusual cut. Gloves with personality have to be considered as major accessories, whereas everyday gloves in unremarkable tone are less of an accessory and more of a necessity.
Fine kid gloves are delightful possessions, but they are more extravagant than washable kid, cotton or nylon. For sportswear, pigskins in tones of oatmeal and brown will augment any ensemble. White shorties elevate almost any summer ensemble from casual to chic, but white gloves require your special attention. A soiled pair of white gloves is to be scrupulously avoided by any woman who is ambitious of elevating herself to the status of a lady. If your circumstances do not permit washing of gloves after each wearing, then plan your ensembles in such a way as to avoid white or very light gloves. Although there is nothing nicer in hot weather than a fresh pair of summer cotton gloves and sometimes they just can’t be surpassed – if you can stomach the inevitable questions and staring these most necessary and unassuming accessories generate from the public!


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