On Work-Wear

If you are required to work in an establishment which demands you to wear completely ugly clothes – and many are, through no fault of their own – my advice is to suffer the indignation as calmly as possible. Do not tamper with the uniform, firstly it will ignite the annoyance of your employer (and since no doubt you would be working somewhere more elegant if you could, probably you can not afford lose the job) and secondly, it is generally useless to try and salvage clothes which are specifically designed to be ugly. Any extra decoration will only draw more attention to the ugliness. Bear the ugly uniform as an unfortunate circumstance of bad luck, and focus your attention to your free-time wear. Switch out of your unpleasant work-wear at the very first possible chance and always travel to and from work in the becoming styles which are your birthright. The same can be said of any uniform, including school uniforms – although in the best of cases school uniforms are wonderfully sweet in their absolute simplicity, and most beneficial for the forming of young character and spirit.
If a woman’s work is such as to demand a mannish or casual costume, which she can however choose herself, there is no reason why she should not wear it with all the possible grace and be just as much a gentlewoman and a follower of beauty as she would be in the most feminine costume. Casual never means careless, and that the appropriate is always the aim of the woman with a true sense of Fashion and the taste that goes with it. Comfort does not mean sloppiness or ungainliness. Comfort does mean clothes that are cut to move with you, it means styling created for a body in action. A real lady never needs to tell you that she is a lady. Her presence speaks more convincingly than words.


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