On the Meaning of Fashion

We, meaning humans, are put on this Earth for a certain task: to celebrate Beauty of the universe and add to it in as many ways as we can. Of this I am certain. But is this the work of a higher power, or some kind of a natural force, like gravity, I leave to other authorities to discuss. My particular area is to ensure that this task, this duty, this pleasure is not forgotten, even though the malady of mind and spirit I call cloud of ugliness tries to ensure we humans abandon our call to Beauty. Now if we agree that Beauty is an eternal, universal force, what part then does the ever-changing Fashion play?

Fashion has been, and to some slight extent still is, and undoubtedly will some day again fully be, the outward from through which the mind speaks to the material universe. Fashion shapes, models, adapts, embellishes and adorns. Now it focuses on the slender waist, now changes the object of attention to shapely neck or a delicate wrist. Fashion revels in the bright colours of jewels, until the combinations are exhausted, and then turns her attention to finding out all there can be found out about delicate and tender tints of oyster and dusty lilac, and soon again finds the earth tones the most fascinating, or crisp contrasts of black and white. She decrees opulence and rich fabrics one moment, and simplicity and modesty the next. Fashion flutters here and there seemingly without sense, like a butterfly fluttering on a meadow of flowers. But a butterfly, who only satisfies her own caprices, is one of the most delightful things to see and not only that, it helps the flowers to take seed and multiply. So also fashion – real Fashion – directs the creative mind to seek out different facets of beauty and assists in multiplying them, like a kaleidoscope. As not only one single line or hue or decoration is the perfection of beauty, many lines, multiple hues, an unending variety of decorations must be developed to satisfy the requirements of Beauty. This is the real meaning of Fashion, and although in her excitement the effects are sometimes exaggerated, our aesthetic minds would stagnate without dame Fashion’s magical whims.

Dress is only one of the countless forms in which fashion asserts her dominion – her touch is seen in painting, music, architecture, interiors, food, even philosophy and in all walks of life. But in this great department especially it is peculiarly the province of art to adapt and perfect from to nature and good taste. The whole external Universe, and what it holds, in in essence clothing for the human mind, and the essence of all sciences and arts lies in the philosophy of clothes. Spiritual concepts have found expression in combinations of material, design, and colour which have become symbolic of certain concepts and ideas, and like Nature clothes herself in different ways every season, every day, so do we adherents of Beauty, as our duty to the Universe requires us.


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