On Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines are of the utmost importance to any woman who is interested in dress. Obtain as many proper fashion magazines as possible (proper meaning that they are not from the current era of ugliness) and study them carefully. Consider each figure in photo or illustration separately. It is most beneficial, to practice the art of appropriate dress by trying to deduct the occasion each dress is designed for from the outfit and any clues in the illustration and photo, and only after that read the text to see if your guess was correct. Try to figure out the fabric, if it is not explained in the text. If two or more materials are used, strive to determine particularly why they are employed. Proper regard for such details is valuable, for it will serve to point out to you why certain materials are required for certain styles. Any silhouette and effect can not be produced by any fabric, but the character of the fabric determines the line. If you try to imagine a bouffant skirt made of jersey, you will instantly understand why fabrics must be designed to suit styles and styles to suit materials.
Even the ultra-fashionable magazines which do not contain a single outfit practical to your circumstances, are worthy of consideration, for they contain in them illusive, impractical, but artistic even clever, ideas that may be utilized in the production of original and pleasing garments – provided you have developed a balanced sense of originality or initiative on one hand and propriety in dress on the other.
It is a pleasing thing to acquire fashion magazines and pattern catalogs for each month of the year, and take them out at the correct moment and put in storage when the month has passed. This way the offerings feel always fresh. Only the mentally strong, who have good defences against attacks of ugliness and questionable concepts may peruse some of the current fashion magazines, but the safest way is to keep to the “vintage” ones. The only drawback in the proper fashion magazines is the feeling of envy and of being castaway in the wrong era, which sometimes arises when seeing all the smart and beautiful clothes which previously have been the norm. But do not despair! The cloud of ugliness can not stop the truly determined woman from looking her best and radiating the light of Beauty.


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