On Midsummer Rites

Summer Solstice is drawing near. I find this time of the year, when the Sun stands still at the highest point of the celestial sphere, to be highly conducive to contemplations of our ideals and dreams. At the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time of Midsummer. Light feels endless, flowers are in their sweetest bloom, all Earth is filled with beauty and promise. Dresses are light, and one needs but a simple straw hat to utterly harmonize with Nature and her charms.

Let us take a moment to solemnize this moment. We who yearn for greater Beauty and aim for it in our daily life, need spiritual refreshment to keep on the correct track. At the Summer Solstice a rite consisting of collecting and arranging flowers, the symbol of all beauty, is in keeping with the atmosphere of the season. A scrap of inferior lace, or some other item which is a fitting specimen of the ugliness we wish to banish from the world (although personally I find ugly lace to be the worst offender and so my choice for this ritual), can be joyously cast to a fire. Let us abandon all that is ugly and keep and nurture all that is beautiful! Suitable wear for this ritual is the prettiest summer dress which you own, in white if possible. Broderie anglaise is a great choice of fabric. I encourage you to wear gloves, and flowers in you hair or hat are most recommended. If you wish to partake in this ritual at night-time, and are on your own or among close friends, a frothy full-length night dress is acceptable – this being the only time during the entire year when it is permissible to appear in sleep-wear outside of your bedroom. Garlands of flowers are recommended with night-dress.

The series of posts assisting in planning and executing a perfect wardrobe of Beauty and Propriety will continue soon!



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