On Planning Your Wardrobe

“In cultivating a rose, we care for it, tend, water, and protect it. As a cultivated flower surpasses a weed, so a well-groomed woman surpasses the woman who neglects herself.”

If you so far have had the misfortune of dressing in the ugly and graceless manner of this era, you should do your utmost acquire a suitable and beautiful wardrobe as soon as possible. I encourage you to start the process right now. However, do not go about it without a first forming strong plan. A woman who in her inspiration rushes to the shop and buys whatever pretty things she lays her eyes on and her current purse contents can afford, will not from a pleasing picture. Although this eager woman arrayed in a mismatching hat and gloves, and a pretty but badly fitting dress is preferable to a woman clothed in ripped cowboy pants and a printed undershirt, it is only slightly that the former rises above the latter.

The individual contents of your wardrobe must necessarily be beautiful in themselves, but also matching each other and combining to faultless ensembles. It may seem a daunting task to build a wardrobe from scratch, but it can be done with stellar results and without ruining your finances.

Only one intelligent and true course of action can be applied by the well-dressed woman to the assembling of her wardrobe. That, obviously, is the research, identification and application of a steady principle to the entire scheme. The initial outlay of time, thought and money will more than pay itself back in elegance, comfort of mind, beauty, and also proves to be surprisingly frugal. Some of the best-dressed women in the world are those who, in the long run, are also the most economical. They have taken their brain power to begin with, and have exerted it upon their individual problems in clothes before ever they bought a dress or tried on a hat. Then, after acquiring a foundation wardrobe, in its simplest elements had been assembled, they added each piece with the taste and care of a connoisseur. Their results then approach the perfect ideal, for no fraction of the whole is discordant, and the wardrobe can be trusted to produce the perfect outfit for any occasion.

In the following posts I will guide you through the wardrobe plan and lay down what are the absolute necessities which facilitate you to always present an elegant appearance.


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