On the Culture of Beauty


The culture of beauty is a legitimate art – at least in a healthy society, which we can and should create in a miniature form around ourselves. Of all the daily arts, the beauty and adornment of the human form, the culture of personal feminine beauty, is of the first interest and importance. Some people instinctively surround themselves with right colours and appropriate forms. Without being always beautiful such persons always look attractive – to an artistic eye they are positive wells of refreshment. They are never seen slovenly, or tumbled, or in clothes which are not perfectly suited to the occasion and place. The appropriate comes naturally to them, the beautiful is their own. Others must study it. We may add that the culture of beauty is the natural right of every woman, and any energy and time poured in this study will reap great benefits and assist any woman in becoming more and more what she in essence is. It is up to you yourself to make the best of what you are.

In a very, very rare case a woman can ignore the aesthetic aspect of her clothes. The active philanthropist, the science-woman, the true poetess can sometimes be absolved of the responsibility of beautiful wear due to the services they render to the society and Beauty in whole. But even they must submit to the requirements of propriety and suitability. In most cases the ignoring of principles of beauty in dress is merely an affectation. Very clever women are too frequently indifferent to the graces of the toilette; and women who wish to be thought clever affect indifference. In the one case it is an error, and in the other a folly. In any case, you who are reading this can not be any of the aforementioned permissible dress-neglectors, since the philanthropist is too busy in her work on social reform, the science-woman too absorbed in her studies and the poetess too engrossed in appreciating the beauty of the Universe to sacrifice her precious time for internet matters. If you have time to read these little sermons, certainly you also have time to select and put on a pretty hat.

pretty-dressesOur clothes – every stitch, even the hem of our handkerchiefs – should express our individuality, express us in the most beautiful way possible. Beauty does not decree the exact length of skirt hem, or the shape of the hat, but these are chose by the individual with a consideration for her circumstances, and her appearance. Opposed to the existing conditions which tend to lower the standards of dress from year to year, we must elevate our taste, set ever higher standards for ourselves and do our utmost to live up to them – make sure we always advance in the art of dress. As we strive to make our souls more beautiful, we must also strive to clothe our bodies ever and ever more beautifully.


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