On the Seriousness of Dress


There are some women who scorn to take their dressing seriously. Either they are under the mistaken belief that matters pertaining to dress are opposed to mental and spiritual pursuits, when in fact they are perfectly in line if the motives are pure. Or they are utterly in despair because of the current lack of what truly would deserve the title of fashion, and withdraw to daydreaming of beautiful dresses of past epochs while not admitting any effort to bettering own wardrobe or appearance. While the latter case is somewhat understandable, as the age of ugliness in which we live is bound to depress even the perkiest of spirits and is positively destructive to fragile aesthetic psyches, it is however a grave mistake to allow this rotten age to control one’s appearance. If there is any hope of dispelling the cloud of ugliness, it is through the collective efforts of various aesthetically sensible individuals, and moreover, it is absolutely necessary to protect oneself from the harmful influences through correct and beautiful dress. Dressing constitutes a large part of a woman’s natural expression. If she denies herself the pleasure of making her own person appear beautiful then she is cramping herself and perhaps any other of her modes of expression.

Have you ever experienced or noticed the real feeling of pleasure that comes to a woman when she attires herself in a costume that is fitting and right and suits her taste? For stimulant it surpasses any known strong drink. It is a tonic of life which must be taken in regular daily doses, to keep one’s mind in the right frame and spirit exuberant with beauty. And those who contend that they are not interested in dress are usually those who do not spend enough time, trouble or unbiased interest in attending to this side of their womanly expression. After all, the age of ugliness inhibits one from partaking of pleasures of dress only so much as one allows it to. It cunningly makes women their own enemies against beauty, but there are usually no external causes against beautiful dress which could not with a little strength of will and cunning be overturned. Surely the correctly dressed woman stands out in a crowd of rag-wearers, but is it really such a bad fate? To resign oneself to a fate of ugliness alleviated only by ethereal daydreams of prettiness is a life lacking in purpose and interest. Our ideal is the woman who aims and works towards to taking her rightful place in her community as a silent if expressive purveyor of all that is beautiful in dress. It need not keep her from her other activities, and yet she is doing a world of good merely by her appearance.

We live beauty, therefore we must dress it too, if we are to be at all consistent in our efforts.


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