On Traveling

While flying with an airplane is in theory the fastest and most comfortable manner of transit, unfortunately certain recent developments have robbed it of all charm and desirability. At the air-port one’s person and belonging are subjected to unpleasant scrutiny. While a lady of course takes all possible pains to have her purse and her travel-case to be always neat and presentable it is nevertheless most unpleasant to have unknown people to put their hands in them and peek into the most private compartments of one’s suitcase – possibly using an X-ray machine! Troubles do not end there. One has to wait in lines over and over again, and is not even permitted to take a small bottle of refreshments with her to the plane. Indignity is heaped upon indignity, until there is no trace of the joy of travel left, and one is in need of a second holiday after such a trip to rest from the troubles. For this reason, whenever possible, I personally choose to travel by boat or by train. More pleasant and ladylike treatment is well worth the longer duration of the journey.

ImageYour traveling-dress or suit should be made of such a fabric that resists wrinkles and is of an indefinite colour which attracts neither unnecessary attention nor dirt. To dress in a conspicuous manner while traveling is exceedingly bad taste. All your traveling clothes should exhibit ladylike restraint, studied simplicity and inherent practicality without being too casual. A suit of good tweed in colder months and of creaseless linen in hot weather is always correct. Also a simple dress ensemble with a coat made of the same material is very dignified. Spotlessly clean gloves, low-heeled shoes, a good-sized handbag, and a neat hat complete the outfit. A little scarf can add a colorful note.
There is a certain amount of confusion about whether one should be hatted during a train journey. It can be definitely answered: yes! A train is a public place, as is the restaurant wagon of the train, and during train journey you should respect the occasion and yourself with a hat. Only in the sleeping wagon should the hat be removed. Mind you, the considerate traveller-lady should choose a rather compact hat, quite independently whether it is her personal and aesthetic preference or not. A large hat, or one from which plumes and aigrettes protrude, is a nuisance both to the wearer and to anyone she shares the cabin or wagon with. The hat should be of a type that stays on the head securely, and if you must wear a hat pin, it shall without fail always, always be used with a safety tip.

Naturally the clothes you wear in your destination depend of the locality, your plans, and the weather, and so are entirely dependent of your own good sense and good taste – with the weight of your luggage as an added consideration.

Incidentally, a trip taken alone is an excellent way to get used to the wearing of good, beautiful, smart clothes in public, if you find it difficult to begin in your usual circumstances!


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