On the Wrong Reasons of Dress


Perhaps no art is so shamelessly belittled as the science and art of dressing. To the multitude the study of dress consist in acquiring admiring glances and arousing envy or lust in her companions and passers-by. The true aim of the art of dressing, that is: Beauty, is overlooked. Not always do the people surrounding us understand or appreciate Beauty achieved through correct and charming dress. Quite often the ideals of the uninitiated to the cult of Beauty are poisoned by ugliness and don’t have anything to do with beauty. Beauty as the main purpose of dress is replaced by showing off wealth, prominently displaying “relaxed” attitude which is another name for slovenliness and intentional disregard for harmony and becomingness, and many women go to extreme lengths to ensure their attractiveness in mating competition (which to any observer reveals to consist not of beautifying oneself, but often quite contrarily making oneself ugly). All this has nothing whatsoever to do with beauty, and you, dear reader, are advised to avoid falling to the trap of trying to please the common folk with their twisted opinions. Even if they find your hat peculiar and your skirt strange, they are still being led along the path of Beauty just by being in your correctly-dressed presence.

Do not aim to look “expensive”, “sexy” or “cool”. They are all traps of ugliness. But also beauty sought merely for external admiration lacks the uplifting influence which is the hallmark of true Beauty. Be beautiful for beauty’s sake, and for the betterment of our world, not to fish for compliments or in your desire to be admired. It is a slippery slope which may lead to adopting unwholesome influences. Every art is susceptible to degradation when it is undertaken in the wrong spirit. The artist who uses the brush for the sole object of selling a picture degrades his profession and the woman who wears a pretty dress to outshine her companions degrades the art of dress. There is nothing wrong in the wish to look good in the eyes of others, it is healthy in moderation, but do not allow it to become an all-engulfing desire.

Whether anyone else around you consciously understands it or not, the path of Beauty in dress is the only correct one, and you are doing your duty to the world by following it. To deviate from the path of Beauty to gain admiration of those blinded by ugliness is a grave mistake. Admittedly, there are cases when even the servant of Beauty needs to blend in and not stand out conspicuously in her correct and charming dress in a sea of slovenliness. But make sure these cases are few and remember that the ugly wear is merely a disguise, while your true soul is represented in a beautiful outfit. We seek the beautiful because it is good and true, not as a bait to attract attention – array yourself in beauty not to attract, but to inspire, and your dress will be a refining and educating influence.



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