On Veils


Veils are one of the most flattering feminine adornments. They, like perfume, are an exquisite luxury, if they are dainty, delicate and becoming. Beautiful veils can cover a “multitude of sins” and rarely are they ugly. Always wear veils with care and discrimination. They can not be added as a last thought or to cover a hair arrangement which is not neat – a veil disagrees with loose strands of hair jutting every which way. They should be of a colour and weave that you know will add to your attractiveness, and they should not be so heavy as to conceal your features (the exception being motoring veils worn in open-top cars). 
Frequently very smart effects of toilette may be produced by the addition of a veil, it at once hides and reveals in a most delicious manner. A veil may be mysterious, gracefully elegant or coquettish, depending on the texture and placement. They are always extremely feminine and dressy, and so clash with sports-styled clothes. If you are not absolutely certain of your taste, refrain from wearing veils before 5 pm, except if you are elderly – then you can wear a veil around the clock with great distinction.

veil-chicSeverely tailored suits or dresses would perhaps appear to clash with the inherent feminine mystique of the veil, but in fact sometimes veil adds the perfect touch of softness to the simple and somewhat hard lines. 
Blue face veils give the effect of having clarified the skin and heightened the colour, and are for this reason a pleasing accessory to many women’s toilettes. Face veils of white, however, should be avoided except for the very youthful and those having a clear, highly colored complexion. Veil in the same colour as one’s hair always looks becoming and black is guaranteed chic. The size of the mesh should be selected in view of your particular personality type; a femme fatale can emphasize her seductive mystery with a rather coarse and hey veil, while the feminine ingenue should underline her charm with a fine misty froth of tulle.
I strongly encourage you to get hold of a few feet of different grades of millinery veiling, and thoroughly research what it can add to your look and ensembles. veil-afternoon


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