On Ready-Made Clothes

ImageWomen who buy many of their clothes ready-made usually find that they must be altered in some way, for obviously clothes turned out in mass production cannot be expected to fit an individual figure and taste. Ready-made clothes are only a near-fit at best. They all should be refitted to suit the individual who buys them, to perfectly fit at waist, hip, shoulders, and the hem shortened or lengthened according to the proportions of the person. Some alterations can be done at home with the help of a family member or friend, but a professional seamstress is best consulted in the more complicated cases (for example re-setting sleeves).

When  ready-made clothes have thus been refitted, it is a desirable thing to add some detail, such as different buttons, or new facing for revers, or a distinctive collar. These will remove the similarity which is such a detriment to ready-made clothes. Ready-made clothes, in a sense, are raw material. The woman herself by her own taste should convert them into an individual costume. We should aim to conceive and achieve as many individual facets of Beauty as there are women. The same dress, exactly repeated in dozens, loses chief part of its charm. The only exception is the uniform, where the intention is not to bring out the personal beauty of the wearer, but to subjugate it to a greater cause. A uniform underlines woman’s duty to be efficient at her work, but on her free-time the duty is to be as charming and follow her own caprices as much as possible – an aim to which any uniform is detrimental. I do believe that only individually designed and fitted dress will bring about most satisfactory results, because it will give us beautifully and correctly dressed women, a combination very much to be desired.



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