On A Lady’s Dressing-Room Part II


By now you may have understood, that each and every one of your clothes is a ceremonial raiment. You should treat them with respect even when they are not worn. You should care for them as well when they are not worn, as when they are. Pay attention to how you store your clothes. Keeping them untidily stashed on the shelves of your cupboard will firstly result in rumpled appearance, stuffy smell and markedly shortened period of usefulness. Secondly, it will rob your home and dressing-room of one of their chief charms and adornments. Dresses properly arranged on good hangers, knits neatly folded, collars and other accessories meticulously put in their own boxes radiate orderliness thorough your home, and the beneficial influence extends to both your appearance and your soul.
Of course living arrangements are not always ideal, but you should strive to attain what level of perfection you possibly can. Imagine the perfect dressing-room, and then adjust it to your current situation with imagination and diligence.

clothingIdeally for lingerie there are wardrobes with shelves. The shelves are first entirely covered with perfumed silk sachets, so that a delicate fragrance is infused in your intimate apparel. When the doors are opened, one sees dainty lace-trimmed and be-ribboned articles piled in sets. Nightgowns of silk or linen-lawn and lace, filmy corset-covers, underskirts etc. Every shelf holds ravishing snowy heaps or delicately tinted silk underwear. In drawers below are lady’s silk stockings of every hue and style, matching her gowns.

If neatness, consistency, and good taste, preside over the wardrobe of a lady, expensive fabrics will not be needed; for with the simplest materials, harmony of color, accurate fitting to the figure, and perfect neatness in storing and maintaining the clothes, she will always appear well dressed. A fine collar or lace, if tumbled or soiled, will lose its beauty when contrasted with the same article in the coarsest material perfectly pure and smooth. Even the costliest and best quality does not keep good for long, if it is treated carelessly.


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