On Wisdom

The inherent wisdom in the worship of Beauty as womankind’s primary occupation can be found in many sources, albeit in drops scattered here and there. These pearly drops of wisdom and truth can be encountered in various old books, ranging in genre from deep philosophical pondering to humble homemaking guides. While unsubstantial thoughts fly away like dust to wind, the important ones remain in the sieve of the mind like jewels. And arranging them together they will be discovered to form a perfect picture. The picture is thus:
Human being is a creature without whom Nature would very well function. If she be removed, the web of life would suffer no tears and no lacerations would be caused. Why does she then exist? What is her duty, to which she owes her existence? It is something that no other creature can perform. It is a twofold task: to both appreciate and to cultivate beauty. This no other creature can consciously do. Human maiden should rejoice in the beauty of the Universe, and celebrate it with devotion. She should use the gaze of her eyes, the skill of her hands and the powers of reasoning in her brain to create as much Beauty as possible. Her person and her immediate surroundings are the best vehicles by which she can show her appreciation of the bountiful Beauty of the Universe. Elegance, refinement and style are the concepts which are only available for humans, and she should concentrate her energies and time on those as best as possible.

Until about a hundred years ago the task of Beauty devotion was assigned to a select few, and all other humans toiled to support their efforts. Hundreds worked in the field, to support dozens who spin, wove and sewed fabrics into gorgeous apparel to be worn by a few at the top of the social pyramid, who dedicated their lives to pursuit of Beauty. While usually even those who worked in the field did pay more attention to their personal elegance (according to their custom and means) than many do today, it was the few aristocrats and socialites who could devote themselves to refinement and style of the ephemeral arts, in short to those things that are humans’ raison d’être.


Then certain smart mechanical inventions were made, to ease the task of sowing and reaping, spinning and weaving, and the possibility of participating in the ephemeral arts was spread wider. More people could participate on the actual Beauty worship and not just the supporting efforts. It seemed like the future would be a society where everyone can give most of their time to the most important thing in the Universe – that is, beauty, and only spend a minimal amount of time in other work. Although in this egalitarian utopia perhaps no-one could dedicate their entire life, from waking to falling asleep, to the enjoyment of Beauty as the few beauty devotees did in the past, the total amount of Beauty worship would exceed any period in history. However, a strange and terrible shadow fell on the humans, and most of them forgot the reason for all the mechanical advancement. Ugliness came to rule and beauty was dethroned. Certain sect called the Aristasians or Chelounyrarans call this cataclysm the Eclipse and the result the Pit.

It is not known whence this shadow came, and when or how it will be lifted. We living under this shadow of ugliness can only create feeble rays of light to keep up hope, but perhaps if enough light of Beauty is created, the gloomy shadow will be dispelled. We who understand the importance of Beauty and our role in the Universe, must try.

You need not worry if this sounds confusing. Thorough understanding of a few key principles of Beauty is sufficient, and those planning further study would do well to keep in mind that no matter how completely you have succeeded in pinning the concepts and underlying truths of Beauty to your mind like so many butterflies, it means nothing if it not be accompanied by comparable action towards Beauty. It is better to attach a flower to your dress than tire your brain with too severe thinking, if you can’t do both.


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