On Domesticity

Sbakingince the domestic sphere is entrusted to those in service of Beauty, and the proper arrangement and government of an household are so closely connected with our enjoyments and virtues, nothing that involves the rational comfort of the home is unworthy of attention. The science of housekeeping affords exercise for the judgement and energy, ready recollection and patient self-possession, that are the characteristics of superior mind. Moreover, to practice dexterity and diligence in the varied circle of domestic employment prepares a lady to any task she might be entrusted with outside the confines of her home.
It is not uncommon to hear someone declare with emphasis that they “hate housekeeping”. No one can do anything well while hating the work, unless governed by an unflinching sense of duty, and a conscience that permits no laxness; even then, the aesthetic touch that can only be secured through love of one’s occupation will be lacking. If this is the case with you, have a good and hard think about the reasons. Your home ought to be the place nearest to heaven, the heart of your existence, and if it is not so, you should try and change the situation as soon as you have figured out the reason. Perhaps you have too big a mansion to maintain without the help of a maid? Consider switching to a smaller apartment, which leaves you time to enjoy the comforts of home as well as creating them. A small slice of heaven is better than a large purgatory! Perhaps you are trying to shoehorn yourself into a wrong life? If your energies and temperament are not suited for aggressive business life, the combined effort of that and domestic duties may drain you.

The home-minded lady is a queen and the home is here realm. She makes herself attractive and then she makes her surroundings attractive, going naturally from her own dress to these, her larger dress. It is a casket within a casket, and she is the jewel. House-keeping and home-keeping will be synonymous terms when the spirit infused thorough their management has always the inspiration of ideals. Without such inspiration there can be no home-keeping.

Enjoy and impart the delights of a well-ordered home. To be able to prepare for, and preside at a table which shall unite neatness with comfort and elegance is both an accomplishment and a virtue.


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