On Suits

suitHave you ever met a woman, in any circumstance of life, who can successfully go through life without a single suit? It is one of the mainstays of the modern woman’s wardrobe, and for the services it renders it deserves hymns to be sung in praise. It is suitable for the young and old, for the thin and stout, for housewife on her errands in city, for the businesswoman attending her work, for the lunching lady in a charity meeting. With a change of accessories the smart suit worn in the morning for work, becomes a perfectly appropriate and charming outfit for visiting in the afternoon, and a very clever suit, accompanied by an equally clever hat, can even carry you through cocktail hour with perfect style. From 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening a suit is your best friend and ally when stepping out of your home. Chr. Dior has aptly remarked, that a woman can pack in her travel trunk just a suit and a ball gown, and be appropriately dressed for all public appearances.
The economical woman has a tailor-made suit, inconspicuous in colour and not extreme in its style. The fabric of it is first class and it is made just as it should be, with care in the smallest detail. Such a suit becomes a standby for several seasons. This enables her to buy new and fetching accessories to wear with it that both change and adapt the suit to many and varied occasions. With a severely tailored silk waist that harmonizes with the coloring of the suit she is appropriately dressed for shopping and general everyday wear. With a costume blouse of silk and chiffon, she turns her tailored suit into a costume quite au fait for afternoon teas. A new belt will give this suit a new look. A collar and cuff set of antique lace will give the air of elegance to it. And there are no end of effects that can be obtained by such little trifles as neck bows and jabots and tulle rosettes.
suit2The suit is essential to those entering the field of business. The young business woman should always be neatly, trimly and plainly gowned. Every detail from the coil of her hair to the tip of her shoe should be appropriately perfect. There should be no fluffiness, no gay colours, no conspicuous and artful attempt to display the bodily charms. No other piece of clothing manages to combine all the requirements of business attire in such a smart way as a neat, well-fitting suit. It is plain, meaning it has no extraneous decoration. It is trim and smart, if it has been made and fitted carefully, and no other kind of suit should be allowed to exist. With one glance you can tell that the person inside the smart suit is capable, disciplined, and bound for success in all her endeavors.
If you can afford just a single suit, none the less have it made-to-measure, unless you are one-in-thousand perfect match for readymade-manufacturer’s size chart. There is hardly another garment which is so unforgiving of bad fit, and so flattering when the fit is correct. All figure deficiencies can be made to disappear, when a talented suitmaker works her magic. A good suit is sure to earn back each penny poured into its making, and since the style of the garment has remained recognizable for past 90 years, and will probably continue for twice as long, it is only sensible to get the best fabric you can possibly afford. It won’t become obsolete, if you have chosen the style well, and you only need to retire it when it absolutely falls off your back in tatters or your figure changes beyond all recognition.


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