On Flowers

Among the pleasant employments which seem peculiarly congenial to the feelings of servants of Beauty, the culture of flowers stands conspicuous. It can be argued that gardening is the only art which has not deteriorated in our age. There is something inherently healthful in working with and observing plants, and gardens are naturally resistant to ugliness.
As an antidote against the jarring elements in today’s culture, so harmful to the psyche of a lady, you are much encouraged to form friendships with elderly people who are passionate about gardens. Their company alleviates many a psychic infection, which would otherwise cause untold damage. Although these admirable persons are rarely exemplary in matters of feminine dress, in all other ways you benefit from their gentleness, wisdom and maturity.

Flowers, reeds and leaves gathered from your own garden allow you to decorate your house and your person in a fresh and becomingly simple manner. Even one blossom, nay, one twig from your own garden gives a special kind of domestic glow to your home.


Herb and kitchen gardens are worthy of a post of their own, so they’ll be discussed later. As a tip to the lady who would like to read a magazine, but finds those pertaining to current affairs or today’s fashions too distressing, a modern gardening magazine may be read from cover to cover without stumbling upon a single objectionable concept, with which the reader is bombarded in any other kind of publication. This in itself is a testament to the healthful powers of gardening.

flowersEven if you don’t have access to garden, you should take walks in nature, parks and gardens as often as possible. A cheerful daisy, the red leaf of autumn, glittering frosted tree branches and petals of cherry blossoms are just as profoundly beautiful today, as they were a hundred years ago. Rest your wearied eyes on the wonders of nature, and you’ll feel again invigorated to carry out your own duty as the crowning glory of the Universe.


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