On Morning Rituals

Always commence your day with devotion to Beauty. If by grim necessity other parts of your dwelling be unaesthetic, do your utmost to secure a completely pleasant bedroom. Have your bedlinens decorated with good lace, arrange a delicate table near your bedside and put a vase of flowers – or even a single flower – on the table. A decorative doily of lace under the vase perfects the arrangement. When you wake up, your gaze should naturally fall on the flower and lace, and so the day begins in auspicious way. “If the spring yield no blossoms, in summer there will be no beauty, and in autumn no fruit”. Only by extreme willpower and diligence can a day started in a morning of ugliness be turned into a evening of beauty, whereas a day begun with a pleasant sight in front of one’s eyes will naturally progress in a pleasant way, and even if unpleasant things must occur, their edge is slightly dulled by the pleasant mood enjoyed at waking.

There are many possible ways to enjoy one’s morning meal with elegance and dignity. Perhaps you choose to wear a becoming dressing robe to the breakfast table. Or arrange the breakfast on a folding table, serve it to yourself in the table in all possible luxury, while clad in a sweet bedjacket. Some prefer to change into a simple but pretty housedress for breakfast, which is an excellent plan if you continue with housework after the breakfast. In any case, do not insult your morning meal and your companions by appearing at the table bedraggled and unpleasant.

The most suitable dressing robe for breakfast, is a wrapper made to fit the figure loosely, and the material, excepting when the winter weather requires woolen goods, should be of chintz, gingham, brilliante, or muslin. A lady who has children, or one accustomed to perform for herself light household duties, will soon find the advantage of wearing materials that will wash. A large apron of domestic gingham, which can be taken off, if the wearer is called to see unexpected visitors, will protect the front of the dress while preparing breakfast, and save washing the wrapper too frequently. This, while protecting the dress perfectly, can be taken off at a moment’s notice if callers are announced. Married ladies often wear a cap in the morning, and lately, young girls have adopted the fashion. Slippers of embroidered cloth are prettiest with a wrapper, and in summer black morocco is the most suitable for the house in the morning.

If a lady’s domestic duties require her attention for several hours in the morning, it is best to dress for housework before breakfast. A trim, neat, house dress of gingham, calico or other inexpensive washable material is perfectly suitable even if informal callers appear during morning. It is a good plan to make an apron of the same material as the house dress and wear them together. It looks smart, and if they are always washed together, the apron can be used to repair the dress when it has become worn.

A lady should never receive her morning callers in a wrapper or dressing robe, unless they call at an unusually early hour, or some unexpected demand upon her time makes it impossible to change her dress after breakfast. If dressing robe is worn for breakfast, one must change into a morning dress or some other suitable attire immediately afterwards.

Pay special attention to what you wear on mornings. Even the prettiest evening dress won’t save the day, if it has begun with worn and oversize  knit-cotton shirt worn to the breakfast table. Deliberately choose something pretty and neat to wear to the breakfast table and morning duties. Even if after the breakfast you must rush to work, grab the chance to begin your day in a civilised manner and delightfully clad. On the other hand, an elaborate costume before dinner is in excessively bad taste, even if you are a lady of leisure and hostess of some morning gathering. Morning dress for receiving visitors should be made to fit the figure neatly, finished at the throat and wrists by an embroidered collar and cuffs. A wrap dress made with handsome trimming, open over a pretty white skirt, may be worn with propriety; but the simple house dress worn for breakfast, or in the exercise of domestic duties, is not suitable for the parlor when receiving visits of ceremony in the morning.


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