On Exercise

Recent scientific discoveries have been made between the health and well-being of ladies and a moderate but regular physical exercise. It is strongly recommended from medical point of view to engage in some kind of exercise to maintain your fresh complexion and general health which is so important to many, if not most, forms of loveliness. However, our rotten age presents some complications. If one is not able to take care of the exercise by horseback riding, fencing or archery, and must resort to running or some such less refined form of exercise, it is quite difficult to maintain one’s elegance. In theory one should be able to wear either a pleated skirt of good tweed, a hand-knitted cardigan or a loose and short (to the knee) linen dress and conduct one’s exercise in perfect style. But unfortunately this plan would in most cases result the lady in question becoming an object of unrequited curiosity from the general public, just at the time when she is sweating and does not present such a composed picture as she’d prefer.

The only possible course of action is to procure garments in similar shape to those generally worn for exercise in this age, but in as simple cut and unnoticeable colour as possible. Black, grey and navy blue are good choices. Avoid eye-grabbing colours and distasteful prints indicating the maker of the clothes and aim for total simplicity. In this way you can also save your clothing money for more important clothes, since usually the case is “the uglier, the costlier”! In no case it is permissible to wear exercise clothes for any other function, and keep them out of sight when not exercising. They do nothing to boost the morale or heighten your sense of Beauty.

If you cannot bear the inelegance of current exercise clothes, get your necessary movement by means of dance lessons. Almost any form of dance will assist in acquiring grace of movement and good posture, which in turn make all your ensembles even prettier. You will not attract too much unwanted attention by dressing in leotards and a sweet little skirt of chiffon for any dance lessons.


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